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Optima Telekom uses its nation-wide network and high-end technology to provide range of products for telecom operators, telecom retailers and business users. Our wholesale account management will work with you to support and grow your business in Croatia.


OT – Optima Telekom offers wholesale voice services to both domestic and international carriers. These include voice termination to all Croatian networks as well as transit of calls towards international destinations.

Our solutions incorporate services for: International and domestic carriers, Virtual fixed operators, and Calling card providers



For our domestic partners, we offer termination to our own network, as well as transit to all other domestic fixed and mobile networks.


We also provide A-Z international termination at affordable rates, using the same quality routes as the ones used for our own outgoing international calls. This enables us to detect and remove any potential problems before they are noticed by your end user.


All our traffic is monitored by our 24/7 network operations team.


Our partners are some of the words largest operators, as well as some of the smallest in the region.

Optima is directly connected to all Croatian fixed and mobile operators. This enables us to deliver highest quality voice services, with CLI guarantee, to all our international partners connected in Frankfurt, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb. The overall network performs at 1,5+ billion minutes per year and we are by far the largest alternative supplier of voice services in Croatia.

We offer termination to the full range of Croatian fixed, NGN and mobile numbers. Since our focus is our region, we are particularly proud in offering highest quality competitive pricing for Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Italy, Hungary and Austria.


E-mail: wholesale@optima-telekom.hr
Phone: +385 1 5492 113


Optima offers wholesale domestic and international data services for your business and telecom needs. In order to ensure sufficient amount of capacity Optima Telekom is present in Vienna (Interxion Data House) & Frankfurt (Ancotel Data House).

Node in Vienna is connected with Zagreb by two totally separate directions, one of which operates using its own DWDM transmission system from Zagreb to Vienna (via Slovenia), while the second line includes its own DWDM to the border with Hungary, and leases over 10Gbps capacity Hungary to Vienna. Given the existence of its own transmission infrastructure to Vienna, Optima Telekom has a long term solution for providing all necessary facilities.



End-to-end private circuit. A highly reliable service for either a telecommunications company or an end-user. Enables you to connect two end points with quality guaranteed capacity. This service is available for both domestic and international end-points. Capacity ranges between E1 and STM-64.


A point-to-point Ethernet service both inside and outside Croatia with constant speed and redundancy as an option. This service enables you dedicated constant bandwidth up to 10G* between any two points reachable by Optima or one of its many partners.

IP tranzit

A carrier grade Internet access at flexible speeds. Specific service for content providers and ISPs enables you to connect via Optima’s backbone directly to the nearest POP and buy Tier I Internet from vendor of your choice.


Together with permanent Internet access, Optima Telekom offers following services to our wholesale partners:

  • static IP addresses
  • synchronized Internet access speed
  • IP transit delivered via MPLS anywhere in Croatia
  • secondary DNS
  • protected capacity

Optima is present in the two-point exchange of Internet traffic, CIX (Croatian Internet Exchange) in Zagreb and the VIX (Vienna Internet Exchange) in Vienna 10Gbps capacity at both locations, thus ensuring better access to quality services at the network operators that are present in these exchange points.


E-mail: wholesale@optima-telekom.hr
Phone: +385 1 5492 110, +385 1 5492 112
* certain limitations may apply

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