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In the eleventh year of commercial operation, Optima’s telecommunications network, based on IP technology, is present with a full spectrum of telecommunications services in over 100 Croatian cities.

A nation-wide telecommunications network

OT – Optima Telekom d.d., established in 2004, is the first independent service provider of land line telephony services in Croatia, that used the possibilities of the liberalized market and within a short time became a leader of change. By the entrepreneurial undertaking of the founder, we made history as the company that, for the first time, gave all the citizens and organizations in Croatia the opportunity to choose their telecom carrier and provided stateof- the art communications solutions under affordable terms.



Keeping up with global thinking and technologies, Optima is creating additional values in the land line telecommunications market in Croatia, as well as corporate culture values. Thanks to its market position, business approach and conduct and technological abilities, Optima is gaining the trust of many users, suppliers and partners.

The key values of Optima are:
HEARTFELT- Encouraging people to perceive what really matters to them and to fight for it
LOCAL- Knowing and investing in the local community
FIXED - Nurturing fixed and tight bonds in life and communication
FOR THE FUTURE - Investing in technology, the environment and people
CHALLENGING - Challenging people to ask themselves what really matters


General information

Supervisory Board: Igor Vavro -Chairperson, Ariana Bazala-Mišetić -Deputy Chairperson, Rozana Grgorinić, Ana Hanžeković, Igor Radojković, Jelena Noveljić, Blaženka Klobas, Silvija Tadić, Suzana Čepl

Board of Directors:
Boris Batelić – Chairman, Tomislav Grmek – Member, Tomislav Tadić – Member, 




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