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Corporate governance

The operation of Optima Telekom is divided into three departments: technology, sales and marketing, and operations vertical, all supervised by the Management. This type of organization has enabled the coverage of territory of Croatia through the division into 4 regions. These are top of the line professionals with vast experience and careers in different fields and companies. 

The organizational structure reflects Optima’s intention to be entirely oriented towards customer needs as well as technological progress, and to have full control of costs and productivity.

The existing company organization of Optima is extremely flexible and allows for the maximum engagement and efficiency of human resources.


Code of Corporate Governance

Compliance questionare for issuers of shares


Supervisory board
  •  Ditka Maučec, Chairman

     Tomaž Kampuš, Deputy Chairman

     Mislav Galler, Member

     Emil Bulić, Member

     Adrian Josip Ježina, Member

     Nenad Šlibar, Member

     Suzana Čepl, Member

Board of directors

    Boris Batelić, Chief Executive Officer

    Until 1. May 2018, Boris Batelić was a member of the Management Board and a Senior Vice President in Croatian Telecom. He has gained his whole professional experience in Croatian Telecom where he had been employed since 1999. Before being appointed to the Board of Croatian Telecom, he had previously worked in service development and key account management, various activities in the area of customer experience management, as well as the Vice President of Customer Technical Services. He received his diploma from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, and has also successfully completed a degree from Business School Cortugli in Zagreb.



    Tomislav Grmek, Chief Technology Officer

    Tomislav Grmek was appointed Chief Technology Officer of Optima Telekom from the previous position of the Vice President of Department for Development and Management of Telecommunication Services, where he had been a successful incumbent for 14 years, gaining valuable experience in the areas of technology of telecommunication. He was born in 1976 in Munich, Germany. He obtained a professional degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Technical College, majoring in Industrial electronics, afterward moving on to a successfully completed diploma degree from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences.

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